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Terms & Conditions

1. Standard delivery times vary – from a minimum of 4 months upwards

2. Stated delivery times are provisional estimates and are not intended to be binding. For an updated delivery schedule please contact our offices 6-8 weeks after placing order.

3. Deposits paid are non-refundable, unless agreed in writing. Deposits may be transferred to another product in certain circumstances.

4. All deliveries are subject to shipping and customs clearance and Mango Crafts Limited will not be held liable for any delays therein

5. Normal delivery times are 8.30am-7.00pm Mon-Friday. Deliveries can be arranged outside these times but may incur a surcharge.

Normal delivery includes a van and two staff members. If your Delivery requires a larger vehicle surcharges will apply. If your delivery requires extra manpower surcharges will apply

6. Mango Crafts Ltd retains title on all goods until the goods have been paid for in full

7. These products are made from Natural, reclaimed and salvaged timbers. Some settling of the wood may occur, especially if the item is placed into an area that gets direct sunlight or is close to central heating or other heat source. This is natural and in most cases will not impact on the functionality of your handcrafted furniture. If the item is being placed in a room that is subject to temperature change, please inform us so we can advise on how best to care for the product. Please refer here for more information

8. If excessive settlement occurs between timbers we advise use of a good quality teak wood filler. Please refer here for more information

9. All outdoor furniture will fade and age if not Weather-glazed annually. We recommend annual sanding and application of a good quality outdoor treatment to maintain your furniture in optimum condition. Please refer to our website for the care of our products and for minor repairs including sanding and weather-glazing outdoor furniture.

10. In the case of functional problems occurring from defective manufacturing, Mango Crafts Ltd will replace or repair, at Mango Crafts Choice, within stated delivery periods.

11. All Mango Crafts Ltd products are handcrafted original pieces and as such each one is different. Display and exhibition items are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the completed order. However, we will do our best to fulfill special requests, but cannot make absolute guarantees in this regard

12. We assume normal delivery conditions and that the delivery route into the house can accommodate the ordered product. Should the product need to be modified (E.G. crafted with detachable legs) we need to be informed of this within 3 weeks of placing the order. Should we attempt delivery and not have been informed of any special circumstances and be thus unable to complete delivery the modification and redeliver shall be at the expense of the customer.

13. It is assumed that permission for delivery through a given access is pre-approved and that the customer is satisfied that the route is suitable. Mango Crafts Ltd shall not be held liable for any damage if the route proves unsuitable.

14. Many mango crafts tables require an install with four-five people. A standard delivery includes two people. Should your table require more there will be a surcharge at 40£ per person. This charge can be avoided by having a number of able-bodied people on site.

15. Mango Crafts shall take all reasonable care in packaging any fragile or breakable items. In the event that any such items are damaged in transit the Company shall be responsible for replacement costs of item only. The Company shall not in any way be responsible for any personal injury or damage to property howsoever caused.

16. If an order delivered is fundamentally different to what was ordered then Mango Crafts Ltd will undertake to remake and deliver the correct item. (standard delivery period applies)

17. Some deliveries are by Kerbside Pallet drop. In most cases this means that you will have to bring the furniture into your home. Some minor assembly will also be required in most cases. There are video tutorials on our website.

18. Should the delivery dates be delayed at customers request by more than 2 weeks we can continue to store free of charge for up to 2 months if the goods are paid for in full. For goods not paid in full storage charges will apply.

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